Bronze Package

This is the ideal disco for smaller wedding parties of up to approximately 65 guests. The show consists of a DJ with a lighting rig suitable for a compact area. The lighting would be of a good standard consist of a minimum of 4 lights usually on a T Bar. The P.A system would be up to 500watt.

Silver Package

This is ideal for a wedding with up to 200 guests. The DJ will be professional and experience and hand picked to suit your needs. The sound system will be of a high standard and the output will be of at least 2kw The silver package offers an impressive light show incorporating the latest moving head and gobo technology.

Platinum Package
This is the ultimate in entertainment, you will have one of our  DJs and the best sound and lighting equipment. The show is great for up to approximately 400 guests. The show consists of the latest LED lighting effects on an overhead rig with gobo and moving heads. The P.A system will be of the best quality and up to 6kws output. This will ensure that you party will be that no one will forget.

The Ultimate Party Package

Even MORE than the Platinum this includes SECURITY STAFF yes that is right this includes two of our finest door staff at your complete disposal.  This is ideal for an 18th or 21st to protect your self from those social networking parties (where the venue is over run by attendees!).